SEO Tips: Guest Blogging

Writing an article for another blog or guest blogging is something every SEO practitioner should try. To do it, simply respond to an invite or volunteer (invite yourself) to write for your blog of interest. Small, up and coming bloggers usually guest blog on established websites for exposure and to reap some SEO benefits.

Guest Blogging and SEO

Guest blogging works for SEO because it produces highly relevant backlinks and traffic. Why else would you write for another blog with unrelated topic?

Other than that, it also helps establish credibility through the endorsement of the hosting blog. Giving the readers of an already established blog a little taste of what your own blog is about can help your site build a following.

Writing a guest post

A guest post must be written with your own blog in mind, but without explicitly promoting it. To do so, here are a few tips:

  • Try to keep the same character and overall feel of what your own blog is like to keep the readers engaged, and possibly crossover – to visit your blog.
  • Write an informative post to the extent that it renders you an expert. This would compel the readers who want to learn more about the topic to subscribe to your blog,too.
  • Include optimized links back to your site without overdoing it (1-2 links would do). These links should not be meant to steal your host’s audience.
  • More importantly, maintain the same depth of research and quality of writing that you put into the article as if it were for your own site.

Good practices

Submissions should be original, and spun articles are not considered original. No host would appreciate recycled content.

It’s a good habit to guest blog every now and then to be current. Some bloggers actually do it on a regular basis. Contributing to different sites each time is recommended to maintain a consistent increase in your stats.

Getting started

If you’re interested in being a contributor, seek out openings from fellow bloggers in your network first. These can be your practice ground before starting to submit to larger sites. A quick search in Google on ‘looking for guest blogger’ can provide you with good leads.

As a time saver, it’s a great idea to send a sample work (even better, a ready-to-publish one) along with your ad response. This gives the host an idea of your writing style – whether you’re a good fit for the job.

Manual content distribution is possibly the most legitimate way to create backlinks. Going back to basics seems to produce more valuable backlinks in the eyes of search engines. Guest blogging is a trend that is sure to last because of its sincere intention.

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